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Serving Northern California since 1980
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Covert Video Equipment

print_animation8.gif (10409 bytes)Our agency designs, builds, sells and maintains covert video equipment primarily used for the apprehension of video evidence. This special or customized equipment is used by licensed private investigators; some law enforcement agencies and legitimate business owners concerned about protecting their buildings, offices, assets, etc. The modern video camera can be as small as a postage stamp and can be quite conveniently hidden in practically anything. We have in stock and ready to use the following devices. Wall clock camera; wall mirror camera; desk telephone camera; men's tie camera; child's stuffed toy camera; complete fanny pack camera and recorder; VCR with built in video camera. We are available for consulting or special equipment projects. Some video equipment rentals are available for technically qualified clients. Voice access 650-366-9111.

Covert video equipment installations by experienced and qualified technicians is a specialty. We have access to all commercially available video equipment and specialty devices for security CCTV. Custom built projects and equipment installations are easily designed with specific applications in mind.

Since 1980, our professional staff of licensed engineers, C7 contractors, video technicians and experienced countermeasures personnel have provided quality services throughout California and Nevada, the west coast and western Canada.

For example, a simple miniaturized black and white video camera can cost as little as $150.00. However, should it be necessary to have the camera pre-wired for immediate use or permanently installed in an item such as a man's tie or child's stuffed toy, the price will increase commensurately. Contact our staff at 650-366-9111 for details or e-mail us at info@incognitoservices.com.