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Electronic/Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Leadership in Electronic/Technical Specialties

Electronic / Technical SpecialtiesT.Finn and Associates / Incognito Services was established in 1980 and achieved early leadership in this highly specialized field. We became a respected industry resource noted for our ability to locate, identify, and neutralize eavesdropping devices. Law enforcement agencies, licensed investigative firms, and corporate security departments frequently consult us regarding state-of-the-art techniques and technology. We provide training and customized countermeasures equipment. Concerned businesses, law firms, and individuals hire us to avoid serious electronic eavesdropping problems.Voice access 650-366-9111.

Customized Sweeps

Every sweep is unique, so your specific circumstances dictate our sweep plan. Our senior technician considers the situation, the background, the perceived threat, the facility and grounds, the parties involved and the current situation when designing a proactive plan that will work for you. The technician keeps you advised of the progress and findings as the investigation proceeds. We provide a detailed written report of procedures, findings and recommendations.

The Tap: Telephone Analysis

Whether we are inspecting a single phone or multiple systems at geographically diverse branch offices, the basics are the same. We check the complete suspect system. This includes modern electronic telephones, older electromechanical instruments, switches, closets, connecting blocks, frame or terminal equipment and wiring. Tapped equipment and electronically modified phones, faxes or videophones are revealed.

The Bug: Radio Frequency (RF) Analysis

Bugs are easily hidden radio transmitters used for eavesdropping. As such, they can be difficult to detect, however Incognito Services is uniquely adept at locating them. Our expert technicians conduct exhaustive inspections using state-of-the-art equipment to find any active or passive devices. Our customized RF detection arsenal includes frequency spectrum analyzers, non-linear junction locators, carrier current audio detectors and time domain reflectometers for debugging.

The Leak: Physical Search

All suspect or potential communication security risk target areas are thorougly inspected by a physical search. Assignments often include conference rooms, law firm trial war rooms, R & D compounds and office suites. Each room is checked for concealed microphones, tape recorders, covert video equipment, modified communications or power apparatus, suspicious wiring, susceptibility to laserbeam audio interception or parabolic microphones.

Staff and Services

Our professional staff is experienced, well educated and client oriented. We believe in team work and personal service that successful investigations require. In addition to our electronic / technical specialty, we offer these services.


Occasionally, sub rosa surveillance assignments require technically specialized procedures. The same expertise with which we protect the security of our clients is applied to investigating insurance claims and civil litigation cases. Incognito Services surveillance vehicles and staff are available with the most sophisticated video, photographic and electronic equipment legally permissible. We provide our clientele national and international services, as required.