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Serving Northern California since 1980
CA state license number: PI-9298


A Background of Service

ServiceSince 1980, the investigation of fraud, liability cases and electronic countermeasures services have been our most frequently requested assignments. T. Finn and Associates/ Incognito Services staff have successfully conducted literally thousands of investigations. Our professional team of licensed investigators and technicians methodically and efficiently obtain evidence, so we can provide the detail to verify facts that you need to build your case.

Among our satisfied clients are attorneys, insurance companies and adjusters, corporate counsel, claims managers, third party administrators, business owners and individuals nation wide.

Verification and Investigation

Whether researching an individual or an organization, our staff diligently collects and verifies evidence to help establish facts and support defensible conclusions in relation to your particular hypothesis for the assignment. Frequently, background information is developed through interviews. Depending on the scope of the investigation we locate and authenticate documents, check Court records for any previous litigation history, and conduct standard or electronic public records research to provide needed intelligence or verification.

Descriptive Research

In aviation, automotive, wrongful death and personal injury cases, you know that event reconstruction and evidence verification is essential. You can count on Incognito Services to provide precise scene measurements, diagrams, video, photography, and evidence acquisition that is accepted and persuasive in Court. Many times we've been instrumental in locating previously unknown witnesses, evidence and information sources.

Field Investigation

Incognito Services is licensed by the State of California to provide legal investigations.Our multilingual staff is well trained in the most effective field interview/deposition techniques. Our certified legal video specialists also provide excellent video deposition services.

Beyond interviews, we offer 35mm/8mm video surveillance and thorough activity checks. From still photography, or video shot from one of our covert surveillance vans to covert video equipment installations, our team uses the most successful and sophisticated processes and equipment legally permissible.

Completing the Job

The Incognito Services investigation team is not limited geographically. We conduct the investigation nationally or internationally depending on the case requirements. When the materials we develop for you are brought to Court, we can assist with trial preparation, video presentations, locating expert witness services, and witness or evidence management.

Ancillary Investigative Services

  • AOE-COE and Sub-Rosa
  • Asset discovery
  • Aviation / Automotive accident investigation
  • Covert video equipment
  • Covert video installations
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Fraud/Liability
  • Evidence storage
  • Information / database research
  • Scene inspections
  • Scene reconstruction
  • Technical services
  • Telephone debugging
  • Trial preparation
  • Video depositions
  • Worker' Compensation Investigations