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T. Finn and Associates / Incognito Services. - 650-366-9111

Serving Northern California since 1980
CA state license number: PI-9298

Worker's Compensation Investigations

A Brief Capability Overview

T. Finn and Associates/Incognito Services was established in 1980 to serve the investigative needs of self-insured companies; municipalities; insurance companies, third party administrators and defense attorneys.

We offer a complete selection of worker's compensation investigative support and ancillary services.

A list of our most frequent assignments are:

  • Activity Check
  • Background Verification and Investigation
  • Covert Video Installation
  • Event Reconstruction
  • Evidence Acquisition and Storage
  • Factual Interview
  • Geographically Diverse Investigation
  • Public Records Search
  • Recorded or Signed Statement
  • Sub Rosa Video Surveillance

Our professional staff is experienced, well educated; and multi-lingual. Incognito Services personnel receive on-going training to assure their expertise with the most efficient, effective and state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

Over the years, we've built strong relationships with many satisfied, happy claims managers, examiners, administrators, and defense attorneys. Please e-mail us, or call us at 650-366-9111. We'd like to be of service to you, too.

Reducing Questionable Claim Costs

There are four areas where we help reduce questionable worker's compensation claim costs: litigation expenses, processing penalties, awards and investigative expenses.

Our investigation of suspicious claims pays for itself many times over. The facts of any questionable claim are determined properly and verified quickly by our investigators. Their detailed, timely reports mean less chance of discovery time limit penalties and thorough factual support for our clients.

We have been very successful in preventing or reducing awards for unjustified claims and in proving fraudulent activities. The investigators at Incognito Services come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This helps minimize mistranslations; misquotations and cultural barriers. For our clients with on-going requirements, we offer unique Special Investigation Unit (SIU) service rates to further reduce their expenses. Please e-mail or call 650-366-9111 for more information.

A Team Approach

Most of our clients' suspicious or fraudulent claims cases are successfully challenged by the coordinated effort of the insurance carrier; self-insured; defense attorney and investigator. We are not so structured as to prevent the personal service that successful investigations require.

Surveillance Specialties

Occasionally, when performing sub rosa surveillance assignments, more technically specialized procedures are needed. Incognito Services vehicles and staff are available with the most sophisticated video, photographic and electronic equipment legally permissible. Please see our Covert Equipment page for a complete description of these highly specialized services or call us at 650-366-9111.